Why Costa Rica Is The Best Fishing Destination In The World

Costa Rica is one of the best fishing destinations on planet earth. This Central American island nation has a huge coast line, an amazing variety of fishes and a well-organized fishing industry. You can come with your own boat or you can just fly into Costa Rica, hire a fishing vessel and enjoy an unforgettable experience. With 589 square kilometers (227 square miles) of territorial waters, this country has enough water to meet all your fishing Costa Rica needs. You can fish in the country’s rivers or you can head out to the Pacific and fish in the ocean. The choice is yours but you are guaranteed a great experience either way. Below are some of the top fishing destinations in Costa Rica.

Lake Arenal
This is easily one of the most popular inland fishing destinations in all of Costa Rica. This Lake is located at the base of the Arenal Volcano but you do not have to worry about any volcanic eruptions if you are fishing here. Lake Arenal is also the largest lake in the land and it is simply full of fish. Sign up for a full day or half day tour and enjoy the experience.

The Los Suenos Marina
This marina has one special characteristic. It is the only government-sanctioned marina in Costa Rica and it offers great service. If you fly in from a foreign country, you can book into a luxury hotel, make a few calls and get the perfect fishing package. You can hire luxury fishing boats here and enjoy your passion for fishing. Some of the fishes you are likely to catch here are the popular blue Marlin and the Roosterfish.

Crocodile Bay
The Crocodile Bay is located in the Osa Peninsula but you will not be looking for crocodiles in this wonderful resort. Crocodile Bay offers both inshore and offshore fishing. You can also take in a bit of kayak while you are here. This bay has over 40 fishing boats and these boats are simply built for fishing. Hire any vessel that meets your requirements and hit the waters of the Crocodile Bay. Some of the fishes you can catch in the Crocodile Bay are Bluefin, Trevally, Snapper, Roosterfish, and Grouper.

Quepos, Central Pacific
Quepos is a port city that enjoys its reputation as a popular sports fishing destination. In fact, some experts call Quepos the Sailfish capital of the world. Quepos is located on the Central Pacific so you can also catch fishes like Dorado, Marlin, Snapper, and Roosterfish here. Half day and full day fishing trips are available here so you can choose the one that is convenient for you.

Tamarindo Sports Fishing Resort, Guanacaste
This is a great location for sports fishing because you can fish here all year round. However, fishing conditions vary from month to month and you always have current information to help you make your fishing decision. The best time of the year for Bill fish is mid-April to August. Apart from Bill fish, you can catch Marlin, Sailfish, and Amberjack here. Other fishes you can catch in the Tamarindo Resort are Snapper and Roosterfish.

Marina Pez Vela in the Central Pacific
The Marina Pez Vela hosted the Offshore World Championship in 2014 so it is a very popular fishing resort. But fishing is not the only thing you can do here. You can also take in a bit of snorkeling and diving while you are here. This Marina is located in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio areas and you can get charter boats here to meet all your fishing Costa Rica needs. Marlin and Roosterfish are common in the waters of this marina but there are other species of fish as well.

Marina Papagayo
This new marina was constructed with a blueprint that is environmentally-friendly. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Andaz Papagayo Resort in Culebra Bay. Roosterfish, Tuna, and Marlin abound in the waters of the Papagayo Peninsula so you can have a great experience here.

Final Word
Costa Rica is definitely one of the top sport fishing destinations in the world. This country has multiple rivers, expansive coastlines and a variety of wetlands. Add an exciting variety of fishes like Marlin, Tuna, Billfish, Dorado, and Wahoo and you can see why Costa Rica is a paradise for smart and enlightened fishing enthusiasts like you.

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